zine-o-tron iphone app

May 18, 2010

zine-o-tron iphone appHear ye, hear ye.
Format and the lovely people at 2moro mobile and films on the fly are joining forces to create a neat little iphone app so we can all make digital zines.

Yes, that’s right, DIGITAL ZINES!

If you think that sound kinda shiny and want to help test the first version we’ve made, do this:

* write an email to diy_comic@2moro.com.au

* yep, that’s it.

Your amazing digital zine creations will be published to the internets for the world to see, you will be famous, zillions of dollars will pour out of the headphones jack, you may even be given a key to the city.*

So what are you waiting for? Email already.

Rather large thanks to Fee Plumley at the Digital Culture Fund for making this ridiculously good looking app happen.

Cheers, Format.

*zillions of dollars, instant fame & a key to the city are limited to the wonders of your own imagination.


Little beats zine distro

October 15, 2009

Little Beats Zine Distro

Little Beats Zine Distro

The lovely girls from Little Beats Zine Distro in Canberra are having an opening launch party at the end of the month. I’m not sure exactly where their zine shop is, but I remember them telling me they were planning on it being somewhere near ANU. Maybe.. But the opening launch party is at itrip iskip, Lonsdale Street, Braddon on October 30th.

So, if you live that way, pop in for a visit and say hi.


If not, check out their website and send them your zines!


Email them some love at: littlebeatszines@gmail.com