bung art from bung people from bung bands
(Birth Glow, Batrider, No Through Road)

Stephanie Crase, Sarah Chadwick and Nick Walton have put together a disabled chunk of amazing and strange pictures and curios.

& the launch of

The ChangeRoom

Format Gallery is launching it’s very own project space. The ChangeRoom is designed to hold site-specific installations by local, emerging artists. The ChangeRoom is launching on the 23rd of June with a collaborative installation by Format’s visual arts coordinator Chloe Langford and The ChangeRoom curator Riley O’Keeffe.


Format: Winterfest

June 10, 2010

Brrrrrr (Bea ar ar ar Arthur) it’s cold!

That’s why Format’s decided it’s time to warm up from mass body warmth, and get you out of your snuggies, slankets, or plain, old dressing gowns and come to our place.

It’s warm inside. (New heater: $30. Content like cats: Priceless)

Format: Winterfest is here.

It starts

* Friday 18 June 2010

6pm – 12am
Book launch: The Complete Home for the Def & Other Stories by Stan Mahoney

The Complete Home for the Def & Other Stories is a selection of essays,
articles, short stories and reviews by Adelaide amateur historian Stan
Mahoney. The launch party will feature a live audio-visual presentation
courtesy of the living work of art that is HOME FOR THE DEF. Also
featuring NOT A COVEN and the legendary DJ SEX PEST.

Facebook event:

* Saturday 19 June

Opening night: Cabaret Fringe’s The Lonely Man

A one-man cabaret show performed by Jamie Jewell. This cleverly composed
exposé of one man’s thoughts offers the audience a choice that will decide
his fate. A broad range of musical influences are brought together to
create a thought provoking piece of experimental theatre. Part of the
Cabaret Fringe Festival. Tickets are $27.50 Adult or $20 Concession.
Bookings through BASS on 131 246 or at
Season continues June 22, 24 and 26.

* Wednesday 23 June

6pm – midnight
Exhibition Opening: Friends Forever

bung art from bung people from bung bands
(Birth Glow, Batrider, No Through Road)
Stephanie Crase, Sarah Chadwick and Nick Walton have put together a disabled chunk of amazing and strange pictures and curios.

* Friday 25 June

Psychetronica II

9pm – midnight

Originally inspired by the Tokyo event of the same name, Adelaide
Psychetronica captures the same egoless sharing of sounds and ideas.
Features alternative and experimental electronic music, multiple
projections, live art and a whole lotta glycerine smoke. Wholesome,
heart-warming, give-a-hoot fun.

WholesaleMeat Direct Record Shop
6pm til forever

Format Zine Shop, WholesaleMeat & Creative Commons are teaming up to
create a one-stop-shop for fans of local music. The store will sell
physical CDs in the usual way, but there’ll also be a database of free
music available thanks to our astonishing mastery of “computers”.

* Saturday June 26

Closing night of Cabaret Fringe’s The Lonely Man

10pm til 1:20am
Audio Avant-Garde-rama

Adelaide’s prodigal daughter Lara Soulio returns from Melbourne with a
host of wonderful noiseniks, including Prison Bitch, Fjorn Butler,
Mitchell Brennan, Radical Creation and jon dale. Stick around for desert
with DJ SEX PEST spinning the trashiest mp3s he can find on his infamous
iPod of Shame.


So keep an eye out for the Facebook event pages of these events (join the group Format Zine Shop, and remember to keep or start following us on Twitter (

And this is just for June. A little bird has told me there’s more to come in July, including a Christmas Market, a festival in Murray Bridge, and an Art-Jam called Adhocracy in Port Adelaide. But hold your horses, they will all reveal themselves in good time.

Hoping your cockles are warmed,

Format Collective

Format Zine Shop, WholesaleMeat & Creative Commons are teaming up to create a one-stop-shop for local Adelaide and South Australian bands.

You can taste test a range of musical styles, all home-grown, and make your own mixtape.

Music-makers who want to participate click on the link below.

For any more information email: contact [at]

Due to open late June 2010. Check it out!


Also… if you want to know more about Creative Commons:


zine-o-tron iphone app

May 18, 2010

zine-o-tron iphone appHear ye, hear ye.
Format and the lovely people at 2moro mobile and films on the fly are joining forces to create a neat little iphone app so we can all make digital zines.

Yes, that’s right, DIGITAL ZINES!

If you think that sound kinda shiny and want to help test the first version we’ve made, do this:

* write an email to

* yep, that’s it.

Your amazing digital zine creations will be published to the internets for the world to see, you will be famous, zillions of dollars will pour out of the headphones jack, you may even be given a key to the city.*

So what are you waiting for? Email already.

Rather large thanks to Fee Plumley at the Digital Culture Fund for making this ridiculously good looking app happen.

Cheers, Format.

*zillions of dollars, instant fame & a key to the city are limited to the wonders of your own imagination.

OPENING Thursday 13th May ‘Border Crossings’ (runs until 20th May)

& ONE DAY ONLY EVENT Saturday 15th May ‘Immigrant’s Life Experiences’ 1pm to 5pm

15 Peel St, Adelaide

Border Crossings (As part of the 2010 Human Rights Arts & Film Festival)

Borders can define a sense of place and a sense of exile. They are contested and imposed; ignored and embraced. Border Crossings hopes to illuminate the often invisible forces of history, geography, religion and power that can define our identity or deny us of one.

Featuring Troy-Anthony Bayliss, Siamak Falleh,Sue Kneebone and Natalie (Nasim) Nasr. Curated by Patrick Rees.

Artist’s talk: aEaf 12-1pm, Sat. 15th of May.

Immigrant’s Life Experiences (hosted by J-Square art collective)

featuring Ken J. Zhang, Bonnie J. C. Ma, Tim T. Y. Liang, and Lionel T. C. Chiou

Performances start at 1pm and 3pm.

FRIENDS, please come along for a glass of wine/fine chocolate brownies and a chat at either or both of these events!

xo Format Collective Inc.

image courtesy Troy-Anthony Bayliss

Come one, come all to

FORMAT: Half Baked (…half craft)


A Baked Goods + Radical Craft Fundraiser to help pay Format’s rent. We’ve signed a 12 month lease in the CBD and since we’re a non-profit organisation, we need to raise some dough (pun intended).

Where? 15 Peel St. Adelaide
When? 15 May 2010, 1pm-5pm
F***book invite:

But we need more help. Are YOU interested?

Tables cost $20 for the day.
Email your interest to
call Sam on 0404 221 668
by 5 May.

If you’re VEGAN or if you love BUTTER, there’ll be something for you.

If you’re not baking/making, please come and sample the goods!

We hope to see you there.

Thanks & Format Remains

April 13, 2010

Hey everyone
First of all the Format Collective wants to thank everyone who came to 15 Peel St during the festival. We want to thank everyone behind the scenes who worked tirelessly, or pulled the right strings for us to set sail in the crazy seas of festival time.
Special shout outs to Adelaide Fringe, Vitalstatistix, our sponsors, and friends who went way out of their way to help with their time, money and effort.

In other news… Format remains! We’re still at 15 Peel St, with the zine shop, and regulars ActNow and HackerSpace. We’re having our first big shindig on Sunday April 18 – the FiveThousand Xmas Party – from 3pm
Invite here:!/event.php?eid=111597062200638&ref=nf

Watch this space. The new and improved Format website is coming in the next month.

Format Collective

Opening night & Live Stream.

February 28, 2010

Dear Adelaide,

Thanks for being so awesome last night and sharing the amazing fun of the Format opening with us. Hope you enjoyed all the visual art upstairs, and the incredible performances in the basement.

We think Batrider, Kitchen’s Floor, Almost Numan, Terrible Truths & DJ Thunderbolt Melvin did an amazing job of christening the place. Who was your highlight?

Thanks to our lovely friends at Internode and NodeCity, we have FREE wifi at the venue for everyone to use.

That also means that we have nice juicy big internet pipes to live stream the festival events, just incase you’re not in Adelaide and want to keep up with what’s going down.

Click that mouse of yours over to: and if you sign up, I even think you can leave us a comment and tell us what you’d like to see us stream.

Well, that’s it from me for now.. better head to Format in time for the 2% & NEO_LIFE exhibition, plus the lovely young adelaide pop bands tonight from 9pm.

Seeya there.


Painting Format!

February 24, 2010

We’ve been getting messy this week covering the bright blue, pink and yellow walls of the Format venue. Its not that we didn’t like those blinding colours, but all the artwork we’re going to hang on them might have been swallowed.

So, here’s a sneak peek at 3.5 hours of painting in 14 seconds.
(sorry we couldn’t embed it here, the free wordpress blog setup years ago doesn’t let us! boo hiss)

Video provided by the awesome Joel ( shot one frame every 30 seconds on his dev version of the One Laptop Per Child ( that he helped develop.

Music by Wisp.


February 18, 2010

Latest news on our venue: It’s at 15 Peel Street, sort of opposite the McDonald’s on Hindley Street and behind Fletcher Jones. We’ll be bumping in all weekend and next week. We need more couches, lamps, paint, projectors! Anything you want to give us, especially your time and help with painting etc. Get in touch if you’re keen to be involved.