Format Diorama-Poster Competition!

September 6, 2010

Want to design Format Festival’s 2011 Poster? Sure you do! Format is holding a diorama-poster competition to choose our 2011 poster image. This is how it works:
1) Anyone can enter. Anyone can vote for their favourite poster.
2) To enter, make and photograph the diorama you’d like to see on the Format Festival poster. It could have anything in it – miniature people, mountains, the ocean, knives, live wolves. For an example of a great diorama see the above image of our Christmas in July Diorama-Poster designed by Stephanie Lyall.
3) Remember to include in your diorama at a reasonable scale the Format logo (available for download here), the dates of the festival (11th – 27th February), and our address (15 Peel St, just off Hindley). We’ll take care of the rest…
4) To enter your diorama, add a comment to the wall of this event and  attach an image of your diorama. Or email your entry to
5) The four dioramas with the most *Like*s will be used as the Format Festival 2011 posters. If you don’t have facebook and would like to vote, let us know at The winners will be asked to provide their diorama for professional photographing. ALL dioramas entered in the competition will be featured in an exhibition at the opening night of Format Festival 2011, so hang onto your dioramas!
6) Make sure to press *like* for your favourite dioramas! You are allowed to vote for more than one.
DOWNLOAD THE format logo!!!!!

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