Christmas in July Market

June 28, 2010

So Format: Winterfest is over, but it’s still cold – it’s not even the depths of Winter yet, Format, geez…

We agree.

So come along to our Christmas in July Market day.

The venue will be filled with bakers, creators, and candlestick makers. But most importantly, mulled wine and a forest of Christmas trees.

We want to shamelessly transport you to the Northern Hemisphere, with fogged up windows, steaming drinks, festive cheer, and rosy cheeks.

If YOU’D like to participate, please email
by the 16th of July (get your advent calendars out)
stating your wares and to get more details

We welcome food, clothes, radical craft, drink – basically anything you’d find at a Winter Christmas market. Google them if you’ve never been.

This is also another fundraising event to get us to the real Christmas.

So help out by selling – or buying!


One Response to “Christmas in July Market”

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