zine-o-tron iphone app

May 18, 2010

zine-o-tron iphone appHear ye, hear ye.
Format and the lovely people at 2moro mobile and films on the fly are joining forces to create a neat little iphone app so we can all make digital zines.

Yes, that’s right, DIGITAL ZINES!

If you think that sound kinda shiny and want to help test the first version we’ve made, do this:

* write an email to diy_comic@2moro.com.au

* yep, that’s it.

Your amazing digital zine creations will be published to the internets for the world to see, you will be famous, zillions of dollars will pour out of the headphones jack, you may even be given a key to the city.*

So what are you waiting for? Email already.

Rather large thanks to Fee Plumley at the Digital Culture Fund for making this ridiculously good looking app happen.

Cheers, Format.

*zillions of dollars, instant fame & a key to the city are limited to the wonders of your own imagination.


13 Responses to “zine-o-tron iphone app”

  1. Susy Pow said

    This makes me sad. The whole point of difference of zines is currently that they’re PRINTED, tangible objects. I knew this day would come.

    • I think you’re looking at it the wrong way. Haven’t you ever wanted to make a zine on the bus, about the beautiful stranger with the stripy scarf sitting 3 rows down and two seats across from you?

      This app isn’t competing with printed zines, its just another way for zine creators to publish mini-zines, on the fly.

      Have a play with it, and then let me know what you think.


  2. MrShlee said

    Android please!

  3. Chris said

    +1 vote for android – and mixed feelings about whether there is a valuable point of difference to classify something as a digital zine and not just another part of the web – still interested to see what comes of it though!

    • mixed feelings about whether there is a valuable point of difference to classify something as a digital zine and not just another part of the web

      The iphone app will publish the digital zines to a website, so the app is a creation tool rather than the home of the digital zine itself.

  4. Annie said

    I think that extending the realms of the zine to the internet is cool.

    Although the fundamental nature of a zine is that it’s handmade, whether it is printed on paper or published on the web is irrelevant – you can still print these straight from the web. Zines came about in opposition of the glossy magazine with an RRP of $12.99 – go one step better and save paper.

  5. whitu said

    fricken A!
    nice work, format 🙂

  6. Chay-ya said

    I’m definately interested to have a play and see what is possible, and ups to saving paper, now what about electricity?

  7. Karen said

    Ok guys I did the challenge to try it out, but where the heck do they go? Having a link out from the app to where my test and other comics are would be a good idea. Otherwise post the URL somewhere?

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