Format Zine Shop, WholesaleMeat & Creative Commons are teaming up to create a one-stop-shop for local Adelaide and South Australian bands.

You can taste test a range of musical styles, all home-grown, and make your own mixtape.

Music-makers who want to participate click on the link below.

For any more information email: contact [at]

Due to open late June 2010. Check it out!


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zine-o-tron iphone app

May 18, 2010

zine-o-tron iphone appHear ye, hear ye.
Format and the lovely people at 2moro mobile and films on the fly are joining forces to create a neat little iphone app so we can all make digital zines.

Yes, that’s right, DIGITAL ZINES!

If you think that sound kinda shiny and want to help test the first version we’ve made, do this:

* write an email to

* yep, that’s it.

Your amazing digital zine creations will be published to the internets for the world to see, you will be famous, zillions of dollars will pour out of the headphones jack, you may even be given a key to the city.*

So what are you waiting for? Email already.

Rather large thanks to Fee Plumley at the Digital Culture Fund for making this ridiculously good looking app happen.

Cheers, Format.

*zillions of dollars, instant fame & a key to the city are limited to the wonders of your own imagination.

OPENING Thursday 13th May ‘Border Crossings’ (runs until 20th May)

& ONE DAY ONLY EVENT Saturday 15th May ‘Immigrant’s Life Experiences’ 1pm to 5pm

15 Peel St, Adelaide

Border Crossings (As part of the 2010 Human Rights Arts & Film Festival)

Borders can define a sense of place and a sense of exile. They are contested and imposed; ignored and embraced. Border Crossings hopes to illuminate the often invisible forces of history, geography, religion and power that can define our identity or deny us of one.

Featuring Troy-Anthony Bayliss, Siamak Falleh,Sue Kneebone and Natalie (Nasim) Nasr. Curated by Patrick Rees.

Artist’s talk: aEaf 12-1pm, Sat. 15th of May.

Immigrant’s Life Experiences (hosted by J-Square art collective)

featuring Ken J. Zhang, Bonnie J. C. Ma, Tim T. Y. Liang, and Lionel T. C. Chiou

Performances start at 1pm and 3pm.

FRIENDS, please come along for a glass of wine/fine chocolate brownies and a chat at either or both of these events!

xo Format Collective Inc.

image courtesy Troy-Anthony Bayliss