Online Sales and Drunken Meetings

October 10, 2009

We had a couple of ‘meetings’ at the Exeter this weekend. Stan and Simon are claiming they’ll set up an online shop where you’ll be able to buy, at the very least, the 21 Nights in July book and probably something else. I also met with Brigid and Chloe, who are running the ‘Visual Arts’ stream, and are reviving the failed attempts to involve an all male jelly wrestling competition. We tried to do that at the Big show earlier in the year but, what with two thirds of the toilets breaking down and bump in costs going $1000 over budget and it being freezing cold, the whole thing fell apart. Stanley is claiming he’ll beat all comers in an all-in jelly brawl. He has specified he wants to be given notice of the exact date before hand though so he can start doing sit ups so he’ll look better with his shirt off. Apparently he was developed something of a ‘pot belly.


One Response to “Online Sales and Drunken Meetings”

  1. Stan said

    I have no recollection of this conversation. Also, my stomach is as firm and flat as ever.

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