Little beats zine distro

October 15, 2009

Little Beats Zine Distro

Little Beats Zine Distro

The lovely girls from Little Beats Zine Distro in Canberra are having an opening launch party at the end of the month. I’m not sure exactly where their zine shop is, but I remember them telling me they were planning on it being somewhere near ANU. Maybe.. But the opening launch party is at itrip iskip, Lonsdale Street, Braddon on October 30th.

So, if you live that way, pop in for a visit and say hi.

If not, check out their website and send them your zines!

Email them some love at:



The Quest for a Venue

October 14, 2009

We met with the ever charming Carin at Fringe today. She bought us coffee and told us about venues. We’re looking mostly at the old St Vincent de Paul’s venue on Peel Street, although there’s a couple of other places in the pipeline. We won’t know the venue for another couple of weeks, but once we do we’ll get a better idea of how the programming is likely to work. Keep sending us expressions of interest. If we get a large enough space we should be able to accommodate quite a bit.

We had a couple of ‘meetings’ at the Exeter this weekend. Stan and Simon are claiming they’ll set up an online shop where you’ll be able to buy, at the very least, the 21 Nights in July book and probably something else. I also met with Brigid and Chloe, who are running the ‘Visual Arts’ stream, and are reviving the failed attempts to involve an all male jelly wrestling competition. We tried to do that at the Big show earlier in the year but, what with two thirds of the toilets breaking down and bump in costs going $1000 over budget and it being freezing cold, the whole thing fell apart. Stanley is claiming he’ll beat all comers in an all-in jelly brawl. He has specified he wants to be given notice of the exact date before hand though so he can start doing sit ups so he’ll look better with his shirt off. Apparently he was developed something of a ‘pot belly.

Format Press

October 7, 2009

Our publishing wing, Format Press, just put out our first book, 21 Nights in July: The Physics and Metaphysics of Cycling. We’re in the process of sorting out distribution and being very confused by the whole affair.

The editor, Stan Mahoney, wrote this enthralling blurb for it:

Ianto wrote a book

…and it’s pretty good!

Good, not great.

It’s called 21 Nights in July: The Physics & Metaphysics of Cycling. Here is a picture of the book:

Here is an excerpt from the book:

For those taking up cycling for the first time it is common to complain about the pain – the pain in the legs, in the arse, in the lungs and heart. This pain is what happens when you have been emotionally deadened by the sedatives of the modern age; by the myriad of flickering screens that offer you the spectacle of lived experience without actually requiring you to engage with it. Cycling is the antidote to the pseudo-emotions of your record collections or the fleeting drug addled lust you’ve been inducing every Friday night to make up for the five day death we call the working week. When you start to ride after a long time away from the bike, the pain seems intense because you are not used to strong sensation.
Cyclists like to talk about pain because they appreciate the sensation of a strongly felt life and because, when you run the risk of being hit by a car every day, you appreciate how amazing it feels to be alive.

Format Press (a division of Format Collective Inc.) is currently negotiating with bookstores, but for those of you in Adelaide, here is how you can get a special advance copy of the book for just $10:

1. Stop by the Format Zine Shop on Peel St (cleverly disguised as the German Consulate), or
2. Suggestively brandish a crisp ten dollar note at either me or Ianto next time you see one of us.

Here is how you can get a special advance copy of the book delivered to your home or office elsewhere in Australia:

1. Send your postal address to my inbox or 2. Wire $12 to our account using the “internet.”

We’ll be sorting out a paypal-type thing eventually.

Stay tuned for details of the launch. (Of the book, not the paypal account.)