Call for Expressions of Interest: Format 2010

September 20, 2009

Our call for submissions for the 2010 Format Festival is out now! Email stuff to us before November 15th (or thereabouts).

Call For Expressions of Interest
Format Festival, March 2010
Due Date for Expressions – November 15th, 2009 (although that’s kind of flexible)

Format is a two week festival themed around DIY, artist run initiatives and participatory culture. It’s been described as Adelaide’s answer to This Is Not Art or ‘the Fringe of the Fringe’. In 2010, we’ll be running it out of a central city venue from Saturday Feb 27th through to March 14th.

If you’ve got art, music, film, publications, walking tours, picnics, performances, lectures, ideas for workshops or whatever else, and you’d like to expose it to the good people of Adelaide, please send us a 50 word spiel outlining:

-Who You Are
-What You Want To Do
-What You Need To Do It

If you’ve got websites or links to images of your work etc, let us know that as well.

Email it all to:

We should point out that, right now, we’ve only just got our minimum operating budget, so we won’t be able to pay you anything. That said, we’ll be able to provide the venue, the fittings, advertising and, if last year was anything to go by, pretty decent crowds and the ‘party good times’ atmosphere. And if we get a few more grants we should be able to help out with travel and running costs. yours,
Ianto Ware
On behalf of the Format Collective.


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