Big!: Expressions of Interest Sought

April 24, 2009

Format Collective and the 2% group are running a show at Queen’s Theatre called Big! The aim is basically critical mass. We want to get a lot of people in one place at one time. Thus, instead of everyone spending their Wednesday night at home watching TV and being boring, they’ll all be at the Queens Theatre looking at or, better yet, exhibiting their art.

For those wanting to take part, the deadline for expressions of interest is Monday May 11th, although we’ll probably be taking them later.

There’s no particular theme other than a personal interest in DIY or artist run stuff. That said, participating artists should be aware that, as a DIY event, we have little money and few resources. So being self sufficient (i.e; hanging your own work, sourcing stuff you need), willing to share (not getting shitty with other artists or organisers) and keen to help out with bump in/bump out are all requirements. Otherwise, the space is massive, the definition of ‘art’ is extremely open ended and the whole thing is free to take part in.
If you’re interested, get in touch.


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