Program guide

February 9, 2009

The program guide is off with our designer, Anna, being prepared for printing. I’ve got no idea how we’re printing it but hopefully it’ll be out in the next couple of weeks. And, damn, we’ve got a hell of a lot going on. Keep an eye out for Facebook event invites – there’s now one for the zine fair, Nothing Sacred Night, Rebus and the Humansville photography show. We’ll be putting out flyers during the festival to advertise last minute changes and events, so look out for that as well.


2 Responses to “Program guide”

  1. Can you just send me an email outline of events and times? asap would be great – (altho i know how busy you must be 🙂 – as we are putting our stuff for the site together now. Also – re events Nothing Sacred Night – for the purposes of our new WOTS ON THE BBOX calendar – can you let us know what time on Tuesday 10th the event opens (FB page says it ends at 1pm Tues 10th – but there’s no opening time) cheers big time – SJ xx

  2. ahhh – i see i am mistaken re Nothing Sacred Night – the FB page (quite clearly) states that the event runs from 6pm – 1am

    …but a program – or quickie email version would still be great!

    Cheers, SJ xx

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