February 9, 2009

Hey, this is Cass, co-director of the Academy of DIY (March 15th, last day of the Format Fest) writing my first ever blog post, ever.  

Having compiled, edited, written large chunks of, and proofread to the point of hallucination in literal sweatshop conditions (at the 45 degree celcius heatwave home office), I bid the Format Festival program farewell a couple of days ago and sent it on its way to designer Anna Chang (who lives next door).

The lineup is fucking excellent! It’s actually blowing my mind in a good way to see the thing Ianto was talking about in theory six months ago, now actually coming together – a mini festival of DIY and participatory culture! – and that I am a big organisational part of it! Heatwave exhaustion and programming knackerdness aside, I feel as if everyone who’s involved feels the same sort of excitement and empowerment – to me the true beauty of DIY.  It’s like – want to make a zine? Ok, then! Want to make cartoons and “can’t” draw? Just do it anyway. Want to learn about whatever/run a panel about some absurd or important interest you have/go to a workshop and learn how to do stuff? Just get in touch (tho not with any more submissions cos the program is LOCKED IN!) – but you know what I mean. For example, I’m really excited because I’ve been taking documentary-style photos for years now without considering myself “a photographer”, but suddenly I’m in a show (Welcome to Humansville) as part of the Fest, just because I asked to be included. And I feel as if there’s this inclusive atmosphere of empowerment and creativity and good times surrounding the whole thing, like being part of a secret society or something. It just feels nice to be part of and to appreciate the talent and energy of the people involved. You turn your back and someone’s sorted out the furniture we need for the venue, for example (my mate Rickos, who has sourced all this funky 70s stuff from the dump!) or I proofread the program and see that Ben Revi is presenting all these bands including my friend’s band Lamplight, and it’s like, hey – Lamplight are coming to Format!

People (including me) are also starting to talk about “Format” like it’s something they’ve heard of independently of me telling them about it.

It’s gonna be fun.


3 Responses to “”

  1. Cass said

    Btw, realised I was inadvertantly implying I was the only person who lost my sanity to the programming process. I did 1/2 the Academy of DIY program, and the final edit, but Ianto did the Format Program and proofread, and Joel did DIY too. We all rock.

  2. Ianto said

    Cassie, while you may not have written all of the program, you will be taking all of the blame if something goes horribly, horribly wrong.

  3. Sam said

    Yay Cass!
    I agree one hundred percenterage.
    I’m addicted to So You Think You Can Dance again, though, so now I wish we had a dance competition too. Hmm… next year. And I’ll be all the competitors…

    Woo – hoo.

    And I’d post something if I could figure it all out…
    But publicity’s on its way. We have: Merge magazine, Rip It Up, Fringe, 3D radio, and posters galore. More to come!


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