Street art makes me smile

February 25, 2009

Hello there fellow Adelaide street artists.

Would you like to see me smile from ear to ear? Well then submit your artwork to display at the wonderful spectacular spectacular that is ST5K street art festival on 6th March at Notcoffee.

You’ll need to submit art to my office here at 28 Austin St in the city by Friday 27th (9am to 5pm), or else I can pick it up from your place on Saturday 28th. Just email me.

We’ve already got a really nice little selection of Adelaide talent, but I know there’s more of you out there hiding in sneaky places.

Cheers, Simon.


Load in and Liquor License

February 19, 2009

Two things:
(1) We’ve now got the keys to 145 and will be spending the next week cleaning up and moving in. If you’d like to help or generally inspect the place, please come along.

(2) Thanks to the landlord giving the Tapas bar permission to build a wall blocking access to our toilets, we’ve lost our liquor license. We tried to find a way around this but it was done so close to the starting date we haven’t been able to. Bummer.

Pencil Friday 13th March into your hipster diaries, because we’re organising the closing party for the format festival and we think it could be quite good.

Its called “the end of the world party” and we’ve got the venue organised, 3 bands booked, 2 DJs including one that is a Djing ghoul.

Stay tuned for official(ish) invites soon.


February 9, 2009

Hey, this is Cass, co-director of the Academy of DIY (March 15th, last day of the Format Fest) writing my first ever blog post, ever.  

Having compiled, edited, written large chunks of, and proofread to the point of hallucination in literal sweatshop conditions (at the 45 degree celcius heatwave home office), I bid the Format Festival program farewell a couple of days ago and sent it on its way to designer Anna Chang (who lives next door).

The lineup is fucking excellent! It’s actually blowing my mind in a good way to see the thing Ianto was talking about in theory six months ago, now actually coming together – a mini festival of DIY and participatory culture! – and that I am a big organisational part of it! Heatwave exhaustion and programming knackerdness aside, I feel as if everyone who’s involved feels the same sort of excitement and empowerment – to me the true beauty of DIY.  It’s like – want to make a zine? Ok, then! Want to make cartoons and “can’t” draw? Just do it anyway. Want to learn about whatever/run a panel about some absurd or important interest you have/go to a workshop and learn how to do stuff? Just get in touch (tho not with any more submissions cos the program is LOCKED IN!) – but you know what I mean. For example, I’m really excited because I’ve been taking documentary-style photos for years now without considering myself “a photographer”, but suddenly I’m in a show (Welcome to Humansville) as part of the Fest, just because I asked to be included. And I feel as if there’s this inclusive atmosphere of empowerment and creativity and good times surrounding the whole thing, like being part of a secret society or something. It just feels nice to be part of and to appreciate the talent and energy of the people involved. You turn your back and someone’s sorted out the furniture we need for the venue, for example (my mate Rickos, who has sourced all this funky 70s stuff from the dump!) or I proofread the program and see that Ben Revi is presenting all these bands including my friend’s band Lamplight, and it’s like, hey – Lamplight are coming to Format!

People (including me) are also starting to talk about “Format” like it’s something they’ve heard of independently of me telling them about it.

It’s gonna be fun.

Program guide

February 9, 2009

The program guide is off with our designer, Anna, being prepared for printing. I’ve got no idea how we’re printing it but hopefully it’ll be out in the next couple of weeks. And, damn, we’ve got a hell of a lot going on. Keep an eye out for Facebook event invites – there’s now one for the zine fair, Nothing Sacred Night, Rebus and the Humansville photography show. We’ll be putting out flyers during the festival to advertise last minute changes and events, so look out for that as well.

Sorry for the lack of updates. According to our site stats thing people are visiting this website. I’ve given other people the password to this blog but they’re apparently too lazy and weak to update it. Oh well.

The only major news is that programming itself is now complete and we’re frantically trying to put together a hardcopy program, which will probably come out wildly late and be not much good to anyone. Or alternately, as our motto goes, it could be quite good. Stand by for further updates or join our Facebook group.