Good things happen to some people

January 22, 2009

A little update for all of those stressing about whether we are actually going to be able to pull this whole thing off………tension……tension……

we should be sweet. After the meeting today with the Fringe peeps everything seems to be either done, appropriately planned to be done soon, or we’ve got no control over it, so who cares.

For those that aren’t aware yet, we have lost access to the site (145 Hindley St). This is due to too many people having keys, knowing someone with keys, or getting in because one of those key holders decided to leave the venue open. Anyway, the up-shot is that we wont be able to measure anything up or physically plan exhibitions… indefinitely. Also, we wont be able to get a plumber in to try and fix the male toilet (sorry lads). We will get access sometime, we just hope that it will be in time to get everything done/fixed. If it comes down to it, we can always go down to busytown in the week we have access before opening night.

Last thing…. Ianto will be getting in contact with everyone involved with the festival soon about getting a synopsis of your exhibition/show/dance/strip. We are getting the program together in the next couple weeks and need to let the masses know what’s going on.

Check it fools!


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